30th of April, 2012
Cards Wars Turn-based strategy was reviewed by administration.

The ratings are:
Overall:7.5Very Good
Well-constructed board game / strategy blend with a clear presentation
Game difficulty is well balanced, and the tutorial will be very helpful for first-time users

3th of July, 2012
The game receives players' feedback on Kongregate
Has more gameplay value than most games I pay 15-20$ for! (Qwubs), 
Good card generation, good A.I., all of the skills are useful and all of the acheivments are attainable. (Darvious),
The thing I think is really neat is how the battles are completely deterministic, but retain a degree of uncertainty and bluffing involved. I'd describe it as more of a cross between chess and poker than anything else. (Col_Tatticky)

4th of July, 2012
Cards Wars won the Daily 3rd Place cup on Newgrounds. Taking into account that the 1st and the 2nd places were taken by movies, Cards Wars was the day's best game there!

5th of July, 2012
Game reviewed by FlashMush: "If you like Risk you'll like Cards Wars".

6th of July, 2012
Game reviewed by Shrugo: "This game is easily worth the time to play, guaranteed to grant good times if you are a fan of strategy games of any kind."

8th of August, 2012
Cards Wars appeared on FreeIndieGames!

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