Scenarios and Medals

There are currently 20 scenarios of various difficulty. All of them require different strategies to win.

 Having 1 province garrisoned with 7 average cards, you are explained how to take over 2 enemies who control the continent.

Complete the scenario successfully and you'll earn the Academy Graduate medal.

One vs All
The northern empire is about to conquer four scattered southern states. For the northeners the victory is easily achievable, while the most what the southern state can hope is to survive as long as possible.

Three medals can be earned: One vs All (Complete the scenario), Swift Attacker (Conquer the whole map within 1 turn) and Valiant Defender (Survive for 5 turns, playing as the southerners).

The race for colonies in the newly discovered lands began. The most of the map is controlled by the non-playable nation which neither attacks nor receives additional cards. And 4 expeditions strive for superiority in the region.

The Colonialism medal is awarded for the completion of the scenario, and, depending on the place you take, the Golden, Silver of Bronze Cup will be awarded.

Even Chances
All the 4 powers deserve victory. But who will gain it? We've got 4 players again, but there are no neutral land to postpone the hostiities. So, the battles begin since the very first turn.

The Even Chances medal is awarded for the completion of the scenario, and, depending on the place you take, the Golden, Silver of Bronze Cup will be awarded.

Fall of Empire
Ambitios rulers come to power at the distant provinces of an exhausted empire. The empire is big, but has only 2 cards in every provinces. The rebels control only 1 province, but with 5 cards.

Three medals are available: Fall of Empire (just complete the scenario), Rebel Leader (win playing as the rebels) and Crown Defender (Crush the rebellion).

Barbarian Invasion
Four barbarian hordes are invading the counry. Each of them control 3 provinces and 21 cards. The good side for the empire if that they all are invading from one direction, so, perhaps, there will be an opportunity to regroup and strike back.

Three medals can be earned: Barbarian Invasion (just complete the scenario), Barbarian Chieftain (win playing as the barbarians) and Empire Protector (Destroy all the invaders).

Third Power
Will a small nation benefit from the struggle of two great powers? You need to plan your actions very carefully and avoid letting one of the opponents to benefit from the weakening of another one.

Three medals can be earned: Third Power (just complete the scenario), Hammer (win the game playing as one of the empires) and Dagger (win the game playing as the Third Power).

Battle for Europe

Lead one of the opposing forces to the victory. This is the most inhabited scenario so far. There are 10 players representing the powers which were the major Europe players throughout history: England, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Russia and Turkey. While the shoreline is predefined, the borders between the provinces is generated randomly.

As this is the biggest scenario, you can get the total of 5 medals. They are: Europe (complete the scenario), Quick Game (win the scenario within no more than 15 turns), Golden, Silver of Bronze Cup (depending on the place you take), England (Win the scenario playing as England) and Turkey (Win the scenario playing as Turkey).

And there are more medals which can be earned in any game.
They are: Lucky AttackerMillion to OneUltimate PowerBlitzKriegEpic GameHotseatCards SlayerBerserkerAce of AcesConquerorReinforcementsGrand DealerHistorian and Military Genius

More scenarios descriptions are coming soon!

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